A better way to get around town

The way we move is broken. Bolt is an effort to improve the way we move by reducing emissions, traffic, and lost time by making urban mobility more sustainable and enjoyable. We do this by letting you hail 100% clean electric rides - on-demand.

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About Bolt

Transportation is the largest source of carbon dioxide emissions in the United States. Not to mention, it's super expensive and stupidly inefficient to use a car in a city.

Founded in Nashville, Bolt believes in supporting local venues and establishments.

Every ride on the Bolt platform is 100% carbon free.




Interested in a better driving platform?

Bolt is the best platform for drivers - and we intend to prove it. For the foreseeable future, drivers are the catalyst that make the wheels turn.

Electric vehicles are cheaper to operate and maintain, in addition to their clean fuel capabilities. Ready to make more money while saving the world?

Reasons to Choose Bolt


  • Your Schedule

  • Pick Power Shifts

  • No Long Term Commitment


  • Use your voice to create change

  • Build something big


  • Bolt Takes Less Per Ride

  • Better Tips

  • Reduced Expenses


  • Reduce carbon emissions

  • Promote clean energy