We all know what it feels like to be stuck in traffic. We are used to filling up at the gas station and shelling out cash for new tires and oil changes. We've all driven in circles looking for parking and caved for the semi-convenient, overpriced garage. Driving our own cars is what we are used to - even though it sucks.  

On top of it all, transportation is the largest source of GHG (i.e. carbon dioxide) emissions in the United States. Not to mention, it's expensive and inefficient. That sucks! Bolt wants to fix that by giving you on-demand access to rides in electric vehicles. 

Bolt is an on-demand ride hailing app that lets you find zero-emission rides in 100% electric cars like Tesla and others. Every booking fee is reinvested in clean energy projects.


Getting around your city doesn't have to suck.

  1. Download the Bolt App →
  2. Create an account
  3. Book zero-emission rides and promote clean energy





Bolt is the best platform for drivers - and we intend to prove it. For the foreseeable future, drivers are the catalyst that make the wheels turn.

Electric vehicles are cheaper to operate and maintain, in addition to their clean fuel capabilities. Ready to save some money and save the world?

Driving Options

Bolt(S) [UberBLACK and Lyft LUX approved]
Tesla Model S
Driver Fees: $10/hr includes vehicle, fuel, $1MM insurance, limo license, cleaning, maintenance, 0% commission on Bolt rides

Bolt(Basic) [UberSelect, UberX, Lyft Premier, Lyft]
e.g. Chevy Bolt EV or Nissan Leaf
Driver Fees: $5/hr includes vehicle, fuel, $1MM insurance, cleaning, maintenance, 0% commission on Bolt rides

Bring Your Own Vehicle
Got your own EV? Let us know for special access.

Driver Perks


  • Higher Commission Per Ride
  • Better Tips
  • Reduced Expenses


  • Reduce carbon emissions
  • Promote clean energy


  • Your Schedule
  • Pick Power Shifts
  • No Long Term Commitment


  • Use your voice to create change
  • Build something big