At Bolt, drivers are truly our partners


A better driving platform…

Bolt aims to build the best platform for drivers. For the foreseeable future, drivers are the foundation of our business.

Electric vehicles are cheaper to operate and maintain, in addition to their clean fuel capabilities. We charge a small monthly fee and commit to 10% commission or less on the total fare that the rider pays. We also promise to show you a complete fare breakdown showing exactly the charges the rider sees.

Every ride you give is more than just a drive between A and B. It’s a step towards a future of clean, renewable energy - reducing the threat of catastrophic climate disaster.

Like we said, drivers are our partners. We want to keep you safe and we understand that this is your livelihood. That’s why we require bidirectional dashcams so that we can quickly (and accurately) assess safety complaints based on just cause principles. In other words, we work hard to make sure you can drive when you want to rather than caught up in red tape.

Lastly, you are part of our Team. Your voice is arguably the most important asset we have in improving the platform on both sides. That’s why you’ll have direct access to Bolt management.

Ready to make more money, change the world, and create some happy riders along the way?


We understand that electric cars are still expensive. We offer special lease deals through our partnership with ZERO. You can learn more at or just fill out the application above and we’ll handle it for you.


All vehicles must be completely zero-emission (EV or Hydrogen). We cover the cost of power plant carbon via carbon offsets or RECs from local projects, utilities or private investors.

All drivers are subject to background and motor vehicle record checks as well as all local, state, and federal regulations.

Driver specific questions can be relayed to

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  • Flat fee $19.95 per month

  • 10% Commission or Less

  • Reduced Expenses

  • Unionization without retaliation


  • Every ride has ZERO carbon emissions

  • Promote the transition to clean energy

  • All Data shared with City to reduce traffic, etc.


  • Complete fare breakdown for each ride

  • ‘Just cause’ deactivation process


  • Use your voice to create change

  • Build something big


  • Projected minimum earnings that can be guaranteed

  • Maximum active vehicle caps to ensure fair wages

  • Driver elected Board Member

  • Driver equity pool (participate in our growth)

  • Insurance options to fit driver needs

  • Special vehicle offers