"a better way to get around."

In 2014, my brother and I set out to solve a straightforward but complex problem: the way we move around sucks.

Despite the illustrious visions of previous generations, we still move the same way we did in 1910. There's a problem though... there are now over seven billion people on the planet. Those billions of people generate traffic, have accidents, require parking, and produce climate changing carbon emissions.

We set out to find a way to change that. The result of our research and experiment is Bolt: a rideshare platform the chooses our [collective] future over our [personal] profit. 

Bolt focuses on improving the driver experience by taking lower commission and soliciting feedback without sacrificing safety. In turn, the Bolt platform requires drivers to have a highly efficient vehicle, which is a win-win. We don't stop there. We only use the safest, most advanced vehicles to move you around. Furthermore, we make sure you can do it in style with cars like the Tesla Model S and Model X. 

After a few experiments, we plan to launch in Southern California this summer. Sign up for Beta access...